Strategic alliance


DRKI has formed a strong business alliance with 2 law firms.


Dherakupt Law Office Ltd. “Dherakupt” was founded in 1989 by Mr. Achitsak Bunchongphoklang. Mr. Achitsak was Dr. Anuphan’s mentor when he started his law career. For this reason, Dr. Anuphan and his partners adopted the name “Dherakupt” when founding Dherakupt International Law Office Ltd.


In 2004, DRKI formed a strategic alliance with Miyake & Yamazaki, Thai Office.  Miyake & Yamazaki is a well-known and highly reputable Japanese law firm established in 1976.  Miyake & Yamazaki has handled a wide variety of domestic and international matters accumulating a wealth of legal expertise.