16 Years and Counting
Dr. Anuphan Kitnitchiva, together with his partners, founded DRKI in 2004 with a philosophy to "deliver professional services and results that no one else can.” He and his partners bring tested experience in advising local and multi-national clients in taxation and commercial law.
Before founding DRKI, Dr. Anuphan was lead partner of legal and tax services at a leading international accounting firm. 

"DRKI, A Trusted Partner. Here we live for others."
DRKI endeavors to provide value-added services, exceed client expectations, and build long-term trusting client relationships.
We emphasize client attention, responsiveness, and effective productivity. We track developments in our profession, our areas of expertise and our clients' industries, but also act as agents for positive change. 

We are committed to innovation by planning for the future and learning from our past, and by encouraging devotion to effective and innovative problem-solving.

DRKI is also committed to "fairness and justice" within society.
Strategic Alliances

DRKI nurtures close, productive relationships across public and private sectors, in Thailand and abroad, to exchange knowledge and develop new understandings about market and regulatory developments for the benefit of our clients and country.

Dherakupt Law Office Ltd., a seasoned Thai law firm with whom we have a strategic alliance, provides us with extensive arbitration and litigation expertise. DRKI co-extends consultation about taxation, corporate and commercial laws, particularly when litigation requires commercial and business insight.

In 2004, DRKI also formed a strategic alliance with Miyake & Yamazaki, a Japanese law firm with a presence in Thailand. Together, we address and resolve a wide variety of domestic and cross-border law and tax challenges for Japanese businesses.

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