Past experience


n   Corporate practice


§     Providing corporate secretarial services for more than 150 active clients.


§      Assisting several clients, both limited and public limited companies, in the successful handling of its company secretary and registration during dispute or litigation situations with company management or partners.


§     Obtaining more than 12 BOI Projects every year for foreign companies or subsidiaries for carrying on promoted businesses in Thailand.


§     Acting as consultant for the main contractor of the Department of Business Development on the e-Registration Project.


§     Providing a legal due diligence of the Foreign Business Law for group of Automotive, retail and services Company.


§     Participating in the public hearing of the Ministry of Commerce regarding the amendment of the Foreign Business Act and the new regulation related to the Foreign Business Act.


§     Assisting companies in various businesses specifically for business license applications for extraordinary activities.


§     Obtaining more than 24 business licenses every year for foreign companies or subsidiaries to carry on restricted business in Thailand.


§     Advising several clients in various industries on the Foreign Business Act to undertake restricted businesses with compliance to the Law.


§     Performing a Due Diligence of all current business transactions under the Foreign Business Act including providing alternative solutions to clients to enable them to continue engaging their current business operations.


§     Planning for business structures and examined the company business operations for the current transactions covered by the Foreign Business Act include providing legal advice as to whether all of its current business operations comply with the said law and solutions for any non-compliant activities.


§     Taking care of more than 400 expatriates in immigration matters in a year.


§     Assisting a client in successfully obtaining 13 work permits and visa extensions for foreign employees beyond the limited number of Thai employees and maximum number of foreign employees required by law.


Expertise in Petroleum Industry


§     Advising a client in the petroleum industry to undertake a restricted business without a business license.


§     Acting as consultant for the Petroleum Institute of Thailand to draft decommissioning guidelines, including support of the issuance of Ministerial Regulation, Re: Submission of the Decommissioning Program and Re: Placement of Financial Security for Decommissioning.


§     Acting as consultant for the Petroleum Institute of Thailand to designate Thai legal requirements for environmental impact assessments in decommissioning projects.


§     Acting as consultant for a major petro company with respect to the legal and tax implications in connection with petroleum activities.


§     Acting as legal consultant for several concessionaire companies with respect to analysis of laws and regulations governing the petroleum activities and verified and cross-checked the arm’s length of relevant laws and regulations provided in order to ensure its legal compliance.


§     Acting as consultant for the Department of Mineral Fuels, Ministry of Energy to draft the installation transfer agreement and the notifications in relation to the decommissioning under the Ministerial Regulation Prescribing Decommissioning Plans, Anticipated Cost and Security for the Decommissioning of Installations used in Petroleum Business.


§     Providing Legal advice and assistance on US Oil & Gas Company registration for Shore Base Project from in 2014-2015.