Other Services

DRKI provides comprehensive legal solutions that relate to property, government affairs, immigration, intellectual property, litigation, among others, to achieve each client’s needs and goals.


DRKI assists clients in handling all matters related to real estate, whether concerning tax or sale/purchase/lease. We represent clients as buyer and seller of property, with the intention to optimize favorable outcomes.

Intellectual Property

DRKI provides all services relevant to securing intellectual property including, among others, registration, enforcement, and litigation.


DRKI lawyers have extensive and in-depth experience in immigration matters. Our immigration services extend beyond obtaining and marinating work permits and visas for foreign nationals.

Government Affairs

DRKI services with respect to government affairs include registration, filing documents, and negotiations with the competent governmental authorities.



DRKI represents clients in all types of civil and criminal disputes throughout Thailand’s court system. We assist our clients in both settlements and litigated resolutions, representing their best interests.

Newer Challenges & Change

In some instances, there is no known legal or commercial precedent or model to address a particular problem. Or, both the evolving regulatory framework and economy may present new challenges. In these cases, we mobilize our human resources, commercial and legal expertise, good common-sense and humanity to engineer newer solutions.



DRKI is a diverse group of over 35 highly skilled lawyers and tax advisors, including five lead partners.
We focus on providing clients with proven legal and tax solutions.

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