DRKI provides solutions to the challenges institutional and individual clients face with withholding, personal income and value added taxes in Thailand, including the broader bandwidth of income / earning, ad valorem and consumption taxes. Services also include tax planning, wealth management, M&A taxation, and due diligence.

Compliance support

DRKI advises clients on tax regulatory compliance, including daily compliance, tax refund assistance, among others.

Transaction support

DRKI supports clients in their major transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions. The services include tax due diligence to uncover hidden tax liabilities/exposures and informing clients for their M&A decision-making. Support also extends to post-transaction reviews to verify whether the new structure has been implemented according to DRKI’s advice.

Value generation

DRKI provides proactive value generation services. Such services can include tailored tax planning strategies to achieve optimal tax efficiency.

Risk management

DRKI assists clients in the revision of their past and present operations, and identifies non-compliance and possible risks. We provide solutions and improvements to our client’s tax systems.

Tax investigation assistance

DRKI assists clients in their coordination with Revenue Officers, particularly during negotiations. We also represent clients in the face of Revenue Department allegations and during appeals.

General tax advisory

DRKI provides general tax advisory services related to the day-to-day implications of corporate income tax, personal income tax, value added tax, specific business tax, stamp duty, and withholding tax, for pre-transaction tax implications. Where possible, we suggest alternative tax-efficient structures to ensure that the transaction has been designed with optimal tax benefits.

Customs and excise tax advisory

DRKI advises on customs valuation for the importation of goods into Thailand and provides customs reviews, both to help the institutional importer avert severe financial penalties and imprisonment from unlawful treatments. Where possible, we provide recommendations for mitigating any existing exposure.


DRKI is a diverse group of over 35 highly skilled lawyers and tax advisors, including five lead partners.
We focus on providing clients with proven legal and tax solutions.

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