DRKI established a petroleum law practice in 2007 to service the oil and gas industry. We realize that oil and gas is an industry-specific business. To meet client needs in this industry, we supplement our legal services with technical resources from experts who have longstanding experience in the industry.

Our team delivers services to private sector clients, such as multinational and local oil and gas companies, and international service providers. We have also represented regulatory bodies and independent petroleum organizations co-sponsored by government, including academia and the private sector. We value our achievement based on the cost efficient, effective law and tax solutions we provide to our oil and gas clients.

DRKI offers a full range of petroleum law services covering the followings areas:

  • Upstream, Midstream & Downstream Transactions
  • Petroleum Concession & Production Sharing Agreements
  • Petroleum Tax
  • Oil & Gas Transactions (Farm-In, Farm-Out, Joint Operation Agreements, Joint Utilization of Facilities)
  • Onshore & Offshore Service Contracts
  • Decommissioning, Rig-to-Reef Projects, Asset Transfer and Facilities Access
  • Legal Compliance Audits
  • Permits and Licensing

Our Experience

We ensure that our team members understand each client’s operations and requirements in order to deliver effective and efficient services. To date, we have advised both public and private sector clients in among the following areas:

  • Management of assets to be handed over by petroleum concessionaires to government upon the expiry of their concessions.
  • Laws and regulations applicable to offshore and onshore exploration and production activities.
  • Farm-in and farm-out of concession blocks under the same concession agreement.


DRKI is a diverse group of over 35 highly skilled lawyers and tax advisors, including five lead partners.
We focus on providing clients with proven legal and tax solutions.

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