Transfer Pricing

With over 20 years of experience in transfer pricing, DRKI’s team of economists, accountants, and lawyers offers a full range of transfer pricing services to clients, wherever they operate.


Transfer pricing documentation services

DRKI assists multinational enterprises in preparation and documentation of transfer pricing reports that comply with both local and international standards. We also provide appropriate price-setting method through transfer pricing benchmarking analyses.

Transfer pricing audit defense

DRKI supports customers’ tax position by providing facts and supporting documents and mitigating or terminating risk of transfer pricing allegation and audit.

Transfer pricing strategic planning

DRKI assists clients in identifying transfer pricing risks, developing inter-company transaction pricing strategies, and determining effective transfer price with appropriate method.

Risk management

DRKI supports clients in minimizing transfer pricing risk when submitting the TP Form. We identify potential tax assessment risks by complying with requirement and provide accurate view of the company. Strengthen tax position in case of a possible TP challenge and, in the worst case, contain potential damage.



DRKI avoids unnecessary fine from submitting inadequate information or failing to submit the documentation. Inter-company transactions under our revision are consistent with the arm’s length principle as suggested by Thai and OECD guidelines.

Efficient transfer pricing policy

DRKI provides transfer pricing services that realign ineffective business model; such as optimizing profit margin while setting prices that are consistent with the arm’s length principle. Our services establish the best practice with respect to transfer pricing as an internal precedent for the future.


DRKI is a diverse group of over 35 highly skilled lawyers and tax advisors, including five lead partners.
We focus on providing clients with proven legal and tax solutions.

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